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Idea: speeches for principals and teachers

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From Robyn and Wendy

Saturday 2.40 p.m.

Do you find yourself SO busy that you're unable to properly prepare
THAT speech for Monday's assembly - the one you particularly wanted to
deliver well?

Without meaning to, you leave the speech until the last minute because
administrative tasks and meetings have swallowed all your time. You
rush through the preparation and end up delivering a second-rate speech
which doesn't to any justice to the topic or to your reputation as a

Well, worry no more. We've prepared 31 speeches for you! That's enough
to cover all the topics and problems you could wish to address in one
school year. And they're all contained in ONE ebook. All you need to do
is to download the book to your computer, print out the speech you want
(or, even better print out the whole book and have them ready in your
filing cabinet) then read it out.

Can you imagine what it will be like? You won't have to spend your
valuable time writing a speech for the REST of the school year!

And if you're one of those people who knows what they want to say but
occasionally lacks the inspiration to make your words effective (we're
all like that at times, aren't we?) then your problems are over. We've
taken the time to do the research and be inspired so YOU WON'T HAVE TO.

And who are we? Robyn Collins, on the left, and Wendy Nichols on the

Robyn is an experienced school principal, university lecturer and
educational consultant. She's given over 100 speeches and written over
400 newsletter items.

Wendy Nichols is a Drama and English teacher. Public performances are
her specialty.

Between us we have 39 years of teaching in 14 schools. We've taught
both elementary and high school and are parents. We KNOW the type of
speech that turns people off. We've sat there and watched the eyes
glaze over and the fidgeting start. We've sat in Information Nights at
our own sons' schools and heard the same dreary speech year after year.
(Well, Wendy has. Yawn, yawn.) And we can tell you, nothing makes kids
(and parents) tune out faster.

So if you're looking for something fresh. Something that will make the
kids sit up and listen, then you NEED our ebook.

We've included
* Not one graduation speech, but three (One for the elementary
school, one for middle school and one for the final phase of
schooling. You can always adapt one of the speeches you don't need
and have two, or even three years of speeches.)

* Four teacher farewell speeches. Two for those who are retiring and
two for teachers who are moving elsewhere. (One speech is
deliberately innocuous - for the teacher you're secretly pleased to
see go.)

* Two welcome speeches. One for elementary school and one for middle
or senior school. Again, adapt the one you don't want and you have
two years' worth of speeches.

* A motivational speech to staff

* A speech to stop the whining. Whoops, sorry! A speech about the
culture of complaint. Wouldn't it be blissful if parents and
students had only positive things to say!)

* One to encourage academic excellence.

* One to inspire those who struggle academically. (This is Wendy's

* Student Leadership Induction

* Awards Ceremony - honoring excellence

* Persistence and hard work. (This is Robyn's favorite.)

* Creating a school culture

* Breaking up for the holidays

* And one for teachers on the last day of the term

As well, we have speeches for Special Days
* Mother's Day
* Father's Day
* Memorial Day/Remembrance Day

We've also included Speeches for Parents
* Parent Involvement
* Middle Schooling
* What children need (with sensible advice on how parents can provide
* Speech to the PTA
* Thank you speech to parents and guardians
* Thank you speech to volunteers

And last, but definitely not least, we have one on Honoring Teachers.

Okay, so you know we've got the quantity covered, but do we have the
quality? Of course we do! But we're happy to prove it! Read this
testimonial of someone who's already used our speeches.

Endorsement for Speeches 4 Teachers

Speeches 4 Teachers is an incredible resource that is really a
must-have for any Principal or teacher. It not only has a myriad of
great speeches that are specific to a wide range of educational
contexts, but it is jam-packed with great stories and examples. The
speeches have been compiled and presented in such a way that guarantees
to considerably reduce the preparation time necessary for a good
speech. That the authors have had considerable experience within the
context of school communities is clearly evidenced in the actual
speeches themselves. I have already used some of the speeches in this
book and I can highly recommend Speeches 4 Teachers to anyone looking
for a resource that will take some of the anxiety out of delivering

Glen Cochrane

Executive Officer (Queensland)

Christian Schools Australia

Like to see for yourself? We're happy to give you an example. And what
better topic than "Using the Talents You Have". This speech is designed
for those students who struggle academically. If you click on the link
below, you can see a sample of our work.

Click here for sample speech

So how much are we selling our ebook for? Well we're fairly new to
ebook publishing, so we had a look at what other speeches are selling
for on the internet. Most speeches seem to sell for $7 each (or more)
with a minimum purchase of $20US. (Some have a minimum purchase of $50.
)With 31 speeches we could be charging $217. Now we'd like to charge
that (and retire) but we do think that's a little excessive. (Although
our speeches are worth it!)

We've decided to introduce our ebook for a limited time at $57 - that's
less than than price of a cup of coffee per speech. (But we DO reserve
the right to put the price up - soon.) Now, would you buy someone a cup
of coffee in return for them writing you a speech? Of course you would!

And how many cups of coffee would you buy them if you were able to use
that speech as a newsletter item as well? That's right. When you
purchase our ebook, you have the right to reproduce our speeches in the
newsletter within your school. (We'd prefer that you didn't send them
off to National magazines with your name on them. But we're happy for
you to put your name on them for use within your own school.)

Now isn't that great value for money?

We could end this letter here, satisfied in the knowledge that we'd
delivered you REAL value.



...we're SO PROUD of our ebook on bullying that we couldn't resist
giving it to you as a special bonus.

Free From Bullies by Wendy Nichols

and Robyn Collins. A real 'nuts and bolts' ebook

on how to solve the bullying problem.

It's intended for parents but it's invaluable to teachers. In fact,
we've been told by one librarian who purchased our ebook, that the
teachers in her school are using the techniques in our book as the
basis of their anti-bullying program!

Hi Robyn and Wendy
Just had to report back to you that the teacher/s that are using your
ebook are so so so happy with it. They all agree that it is a fantastic
So congratulations girls.
When's the next one coming out?

Sue Fisher, librarian

This book sells for $37.77US on the internet. (You'll find it at
freefrombullies) And the sales are going well. It's what
inspired us to write another ebook! But today, as a bonus, we're giving
it to you for FREE.

In our ebook on bullying you'll find:
* How to discuss bullying with the child
* What the child should say to the bully to get them to stop
* how to build the child's confidence so they won't be bullied again
* how to teach the child to be assertive not aggresive
* how to ignore future teasing
* what to say to the bully's parents to arrange a meeting
* how to conduct a meeting between the bully and the child
* some interesting research on bullying

It's an invaluable guide!

To purchase our ebook of speeches INCLUDING our bullying ebook. Simply
click on the link below. Have you credit card ready. The book will be
available for an instant download and comes in a pdf file - suitable
for most computers.

The site is secure and your receipt will show a purchase by
Clickbank (the secure collection agency).

And it comes with our money-back guarantee:

If you aren't entirely happy with our ebook. Simply contact us at the
email address on the purchase page and we'll refund your money. AND
you get to keep the speeches ebook and the bully ebook bonus. (We
wouldn't have it any other way!)


We know that you'll be delighted that you did!

Yours sincerely

Robyn and Wendy

P.S. Remember our ebook will
* save you time
* deliver high quality content
* inspire your students
* inspire your staff

P.P.S. The bullying ebook will only remain as a bonus while we are
happy to leave it on the internet. If we decide to use a traditional
publisher, we will withdraw it.

End of Abstract

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